Schwartz-Kampbell Wedding
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  • Friday - I drove up on Friday morning to Chester VT, a small hamlet nestled in the hills of New England. Guests began arriving that evening for the pre-wedding dinner and festivities.

  • Preparations - I headed over to the Williams River House in the late morning to find Sarah and Greg getting ready for their big day. The dress, the jewelry, makeup and some help from sister and mom made everything come together.

  • Ceremony - The weather, a bit iffy all morning, seemed to be holding. A simple and intimate ceremony was held under the trees by the inn, with a song by Greg's brother Ben, a sand ceremony, the breaking of a glass, and lots of hugs and congratulations from family and friends.

  • Formals - The grounds of the inn served as a beautiful backdrop for portraits of Greg and Sarah with their families. We later escaped to a small formal area next to a small creek on the border of the property. After the reception, I took Greg and Sarah to the woodshed for a few quiet, relaxed portraits.

  • Reception - Almost immediately after the ceremony, it began to rain. The wedding cake was was lovingly prepared by a friend of theirs, and included amazing sugar figures. Sarah studies shipwrecks and often goes diving, and Greg is a scientist, and studies vision in salamanders. Outside the tent, the rain poured. Inside the tent, it was warm and dry, filled with toasts, kisses, a slideshow with compromising pictures from Sarah and Greg's youths, laughing, drinking and dancing.

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